About Nova Starr and Fierce Drag Jewels

Whether you are a drag performer, female impersonator, pageant queen or girl, male entertainer, drag king, bio diva, erotic dancer, model, actress or just plain love sparkly things, we share one thing in common – our love of the fabulous world of rhinestones. I began designing jewelry in arts school, but did not get to truly pursue it until my late 20’s. With the help & guidance of many wonderful creative minds and incredible jeweler friends and mentors.

I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to create not only beautiful, but durable wearable art. Through the study of many styles and the occasional piece of great advice, I began my own line. My first line was “Starr Jewels” and after a year or so of working out the kinks and a lot of growing experience, I now present you, my sparkle obsessed friends, with my signature label, FIERCE! Jewels & FIERCE! Drag Jewels! Doing drag has taught me many lessons in life, and when it comes to jewelry the biggest lessons are QUALITY AND DURABILITY!!!

Let’s face it, as performers or pageant contestants we can be rough on our costumes and accessories.  And as a jeweler I compensate that with using the highest quality and the strongest materials I can find. I’m constantly looking for new materials, ideas and suppliers, to help keep the cost of each piece at its best value. All entertainers watch their budgets!!

  • FIERCE! JEWELS use PRONG settings which help secure fancy cut stones into their settings better. I do not adhesive stones into non-prong cups. (This leads to stone loss and you cannot wash/clean your jewels safely.) When a stone requires to be glued into a bezel, I use only top quality bonding agents.
  • FIERCE JEWELS ships around the world. From Sidney,Australia to Copenhagen,Denmark and Sao Paulo, Brazil, we have clients across the globe. All international AIR shipments are handled by FedEx, all ground or regular international shipments are handled by United States Postal Service.
  • FIERCE JEWELS proudly uses fine Swarovski crystal. in addition we also supplement fine Preciosa Czech Crystal in our creations. We do have a large selection of fine vintage, Austrian and Czech stones in the shop as well. The highest quality stones give you the highest refraction and sparkle on stage. Why settle for less?
  • FIERCE! JEWELS use the highest quality NON LEAD or NICKLE, enviro-safe bonding agents, welding supplies and fine silver solder. As other forms of solder are toxic and can lead to poisoning if exposed directly to skin.
  • FIERCE JEWELS are electroplated! – Ask any jeweler worth their crystal, and they will tell you electro plating is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for a fine finish and the strength of the final piece. Most stock pieces are plated in Sterling Silver, 24k gold or Fine Black Rhodium
  • Some of my clients have metal allergies and as such I also offer non-metal and lacquer finishes. Metal finishes come in many options: 24k Gold, Sterling Silver, Gunmetal, Fine Black Rhodium, Fine Silver Rhodium,  Bronze, Bronze Ox, Brass Ox and Copper.  Lacquer Finishes are on request only and may have an additional charge.
  • All of my pieces outside my “Drag Race Collection” or  “Ready To Wear Gallery” are custom made, and although I may recreate a piece, I will always change it up a little, so that you can safely say – your piece is unique as you are. If you are looking for custom creations, I welcome the opportunity to create for you.

Finally, YES I DO CROWNS, from scratch OR embellished pre-made crowns. Each crown has a different price rage, and I will work within your budget. Embellishments to pre-made crowns start $50 plus shipping. Custom Crown work begins at $350.


Thank you for taking the time to view my designs! If you are interested in a custom piece or pieces, please fill out my order form and click send! Someone will be in contact with you within 48 hours generally.